The Democratic Pole is already in the vice presidential campaign with Francia Marquez

Francia Márquez, over many well-known candidates and with extensive experience in electoral politics, was a major winner in the by-elections. With 783,160 votes in his favor, he showed strong public support, defeating Sergio Fazardo, the winner of the Centro Esperanza Coalition.

For this reason, after the rejection of the second Gustavo Pedro formula of the historic agreement, Marquez again sounded like a viable candidate.

Alexander Lopez Maya, a senator and leader of the community, has already begun to publicize his name, and a large section of progressives support him, along with the nominee for the winner of the consultation. France, with the impetus of the votes in favor of it, declared itself vice-president out of respect for Pedro’s instability.

“It simply came to our notice then. Francia Marquez is the Vice President of Colombia.Gustavo Bolivar, Pedro’s main team, was backed by the pole, he said.

Lopez posted a promotional photo on his social networks of Pedro and Marquez as the team for the presidency. This was part of the work that began on Wednesday, when they toured the country again and continued to get to know Marquez.

The senator also told Semana, the leader of the Pole, that he wanted Marquez to be vice president because “this historic agreement will provide an opportunity for Colombia to work with Gustavo Pedro and other leaders to bring about real change.”

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In addition, he promises that he is ready for the big challenge, and that they have been touring around the country since the middle of the week to recruit followers. They have been in some municipalities in the Pacific, the Caribbean, Bogot and Antioch.

Lopez promises that they will have to go even further to further socialize the community leader’s proposal. “That’s why we can’t stop,” he added.

The “No matter what happens” tour is at the discretion of Pedro and his close associates. Despite caution, Gustavo Bolivar’s support is crucial and could give the candidate a good indication of the direction he will take next week.

Senator Evan Cepeda of Polo Democratico released a photo of Pedro and Francia with the caption “Now we’re going to win the first round”. Another key leader who supports a third party in voting on suggestions.

Week I learned that there was no white smoke in front of the Vice Presidential nomination this Thursday. What was rejected was Diana Marcela Osorio, the wife of Daniel Quintero, the mayor of Medellin, who signed in Petrissmo.. Domestically, the name generated opposition from the radical sector of the historic treaty, which was thought to send a terrible political message to public opinion.

Although some media outlets insisted on talking about Maria Bass Gaviria, the daughter of former President Caesar Gaviria, the name was also rejected. He has never been vice president, and the former president and leader of the Liberal Party today made no such demands on Pedro.

Pedro was given a deadline to define his partner’s name when he meets with his closest associates again next Tuesday – March 29th. Betting on a new voter at the table or using the support Marquez received. If no other candidates present themselves, most likely the first and second round doubles will be one and two of the historic agreement.

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