The country’s biggest health crisis is a ticking time bomb

health crisis
health crisis

Aging is common but in Australia, it is a major public health crisis. The fact is not very visible unless the discrimination is made. The aging population is considered to be a time bomb in economy. But if embraced, the aging population can contribute more time to work, family and education.

On the contrary, Australia has a great history in organizing health campaigns that have certainly contributed towards the health budget of the country and perhaps even for saving lives. This population is set up against efforts made to curb smoking habits or that of regular breast cancer screen checkup also educating the HIV groups at higher risk.

Ageism and the effect on the health system, workforce and economy has come to a point where it needs urgent intervention in terms of health campaigns or government funded campaigns to reduce it.

The root cause at aged centers is found to be on education on how to deal with it than finding ways on how to reduce it. There are major differences in terms of access to hospital and good care for these aged population. The root cause is of ignorance towards this population where in it’s believed that they need less attention and care. There needs to be a planning for own aging. Also improvise in terms of heath care for them and end the level of discrimination and see them as ticking time bomb. The economy can be reimagined by considering this population too.