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Revolutionizing the food we eat and the land we use to battle climate change

There has to be concerted effort to do more to mitigate emissions worldwide. Land globally contributes to a quarter of the emissions. Going beyond clean energy, transport and industry, and understand the other ways we can contribute to battle climate change. According to today’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, food supply worldwide will

New ASIO Chief to Strengthen Australian Surveillance and Security Threat

The Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), are now under the leadership, of Australia’s ultimate electronic intelligence warrior. 1,900 agents of the ASIO will now be directed by the spohisticated and expert guidance of Mike Burgess. Part of an equally alert taskforce in ASD, the chief now will be monitering direct threats to Australian Security, not

Australia Contributes to Asia- Pacific’s TB Cause

Nearly 10 million people each year are affected by Tuberculosis (TB) in the South East Asia and Pacific regions, with an average of new 60& cases added to the growing number each year. TB has been cited as the most common cause of death by a single infection and among the top 10 causes of

Australia’s Race to Get its Own High-Speed Rail

Plans to readjust Australian traffic, commute and transport landscape with a transformational new approach have been in the pipeline for decades, nothing so far materializing. Australia has been in talks introducing the high-speed rail on its transport terrain for sometime but it remains the only continent apart from Antarctica that does not have the high-speed

Australia’s plan for health rethink revoked by minister

Recent reports unveil government’s latest plans to push back an expert assessment confirming Australia’s health system as muddled and unfair. The healthcare sector faces a death spiral if healthy and young people continue to revoke their cover, according to a paper on private health insurance issued by analysts of Grattan Institute, Kristina Nemet and Dr

Why are Australians Opting Out of their Private Health Insurance?

Scores of people in Australia are now forsaking their private health insurance policies. An article suggests that the decline may be due to increased premiums which has been overtaking inflation and wage. The private health insurance industry may have come to a sudden halt. The decline in insurance policy abandonment has been observed among a

Australian Businesses Lose $7.8 billion to Cybercrimes

An earlier report in this space, discussed the unwatchfulness exhibited by Australian citizens in adhering to safety processes that would’ve helped skirt cyber-attacks during tax time. A new study now shows that Australian Businesses and organizations too are not taking necessary compliance measures to avoid cyber-attacks that has costed the country an astounding $7.8 billion.

Sorry Nutritional State of Aged Care Centers in Australia

Nearly a quarter of Australian’s population will be aged 65 or older by 2050, which also means we will constantly need good ages care centers and ensure these senior citizens are in want for nothing at the twilight of their lives. In this regard the care providers have been found inept as per a new study.

IBM AI Helps Australia Solve the Depleting Coastline Problem

Australia’s outstretched coastlines are in danger from their own waters. The country has more than 10,000 beaches, that are becoming deplete. The huge waves of water rising from the sea are eating away its coastlines. Investments by Gold Coast Council for up to $14 million has already been made to restore the coastlines. Scientists and