Sydney’s Well Known Pork Roll Shop Fined for Hygiene Breaches


  • One of the most popular shop serving Vietnamese rolls could not maintain hand washing facilities
  • It was fined three times in the last five months

Sydney is one of the most scenic tourist destinations in Australia. It is also one of the largest cities. Every city has its favorite food joints, eat out spots and restaurants. Sydney boasts of a takeaway shop which serves Vietnamese style meat and fish rolls which was recently charged with fines on account of not maintaining hygiene. The laws related to food safety and hygiene have to be followed as consumer health is a top priority issue. The food inspectors have been observant regarding the issue of hygiene for the Marrickville shop.

The Marrickville pork roll as it is popularly known for serving Vietnamese rolls was charged twice with a fine of 1,760 dollars as it failed to follow the food standards in January. It has now breached regulations for safety and health in the last five months, three times in a row. Hand washing facilities for the staff were not maintained properly as observed by food inspectors in January, for which the shop had already been fined in the past. The shop was charged with 880 dollar fine for storing potentially hazardous food under temperature control.

People do not mind waiting in long lines for their favorite Vietnamese rolls at this shop. In the wake of such dedicated consumer base, the shop still failed to comply with government food and hygiene standards. The New South Wales food authority can take legal action against any kind of food related business where health and safety of people is at risk due to repeated food related offence.