Summary of News of the Russian War in Ukraine on April 8

“It looks like something hit you in the head,” said a journalist describing the attack on the Gramadorsk station.

Ukrainian journalist Alex Merculov speaks to CNN on Friday, April 8. (CNN)

At least 50 people, including five children, were killed when a Russian missile struck a Ukrainian journalist, Alex Merculov, at a Gramadorsk station on Friday.

His shots from the scene show the chaos after the attack, with crowds trying to get in and out of the station and people screaming in pain. You can see the bloody footprints on the ground and the cars outside on fire.

Merculov, who works at Donetskina Television, said the meeting was held at two locations that day.

“One was on the street, where people would get on and off the train, and the other was the waiting room at the train station, where people were organized into different groups,” he said.

“All of them have been in war-torn areas for eight years and they know what to do when an explosion occurs. So at the time of the explosion, everyone was on the ground.”

Merculov was talking to an old woman outside the station, about 24 meters from where the rocket had struck. He said “immediately” felt the wind blowing, which was a very powerful wave.

“Although the explosion was not so strong, the wave was incredible. It was like something hit you in the head. And your legs could not support you. You could not stand on them,” he said. .

“And you understand that something terrible has happened, but you do not know what it is. And you’re afraid to look up, but you know you have to do something.”

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Before the explosionMerculov was talking to people trying to get out. He said despite the crowd at the station, a quiet atmosphere prevailed and people were waiting for their train, drinking coffee or standing in line outside.

The explosion divided him and created panic and confusion.

“They were scared, they could not understand what was going on, they were waiting in the streets, they thought it was safe to enter the building. Those in the building felt they had to leave the building because they were afraid of a second hit,” he said.

Merculov said there was “no way” to implement what happened.

“Many young people came there with their parents, they were having coffee, everything was very quiet and then suddenly there was shock and horror,” he said.

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