Students Zoned Out from their Local Schools, Unaccounted for Admissions

Students Zoned Out from their Local Schools,

School zones have been very practical approaches to ensure students living in a particular or surrounding locality (s) have access to their school, making movement and time consumption easier along with safety and smoothness of supplanting network. South Australia has angered its student and parent community by zoning them out for their ward’s school admissions in spite of living in close proximity to their local schools.

According to latest reports more than 47% of students enrolled in zoned public school do not belong to the marked boundary by the government. The most sought-after city schools Adelaide and Botanic High have students not from the nearby areas, as should be the norm, but from far off vicinities that do not come under the designated areas. And what’s worse is they are at full capacity and are not inviting more admissions.

Frustrated parents are taking their disappointed children instead to other schools. They feel the system is being unjust as the remote location students being enrolled come through what the government calls the “special entry system”. The department of education is being largely blamed for this. The new format, redrafts the already disturbing zone boundaries by excluding even more areas than before.

Education Minister John Gardner said Adelaide High School has special entry programs in music and sport for students outside the zone, representing around 90 students at each year level.

“Sometimes students who were in the zone when they enrolled at the school may move out of the zone, and we allow students to stay at the school once they have started at the school. In recent years Adelaide High has been increasingly enforcing their zone, ” Mr. Gardner said.

The problem here is the special entrants only account for half of the out of zone admissions. Out- of-zone students make up the majority of enrolments in 21 of South Australia’s 45 zoned high schools.