Russia and Ukraine: Unarmed Ukrainian priest shot at checkpoint

  • Victoria Juhan
  • BBC Ukraine

Image source, Serhii Tsoma


Village Pastor Rostislav Tudarenko (left) Fellow priests Pavlo Naidenov and Sergei Soma (right).

Ukraine’s attorney general Irina Venedikova said the country was in the process of documenting thousands of incidents believed to be in violation of its criminal law in the rules of war.

Since March 24, 2,472 cases have been registered in his office. On Wednesday, Venedikova described to the media how the country was handling the cases.

“We will win the Ukrainian jurisdiction and we will follow a strategy where the perpetrator is physically present in Ukraine,” he explained.

“If we understand that we can not succeed in Ukraine, We will put our evidence in the International Criminal CourtSo a certain person, an individual, suffers punishment “.

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