Rexona the lead cause of death among children

Five children have died from inhaling Rexona even after a billion dollars were spent to make the deodorant safe. Police and retailers have identified the deodorant as the most common product for children looking for drugs.

Unilever, said it was aware of four deaths in Queensland and one death in New South Wales as a result of ‘chroming’. A 16-year-old in Alice Springs has lost his life as a result of substance misuse.

Unilever said it spent $1.4billion last financial year on research and development to change the formula which can prevent deaths. Warning labels have been put on the pack, specifically calling out solvent misuse.

The cans have been redesigned so that the gas cannot be isolated. Even after investing a lot in education and development they have not been able to find a solution. The company feared changing the chemicals found in Rexona could make teenager use cleaning solutions or pesticides which will cause more harm and deaths.

The chemicals found in Rexona are not different to any other products. There are many cans found around 30 at a time and many youths have been seen at the shopping centers who purchase a lot of Rexona who are under influence.