Renewed calls to overhaul hospital funding

hospital funding
hospital funding

In Australia, New South Wales nearly three million people in 2018-19 had reportedly visited emergency hospitals more than half were decided as the order of treatment as non or semi-urgent.

State Health Minister stated that public hospitals had replaced the GP because of the increased high fees. Which makes the population opt for the public hospitals than a GP.

The federal government needs to alter the system. General Practitioners need to analyze their costs and meet the gaps to drive the population to private healthcare. According to the recent report, Private health insurers have to cover out-of-pocket expenses incurred on private health care. Dr Nelopson mentioned is keen on looking at how private health insurers turn the game to make it affordable for the population, meanwhile, the funding for primary health should not stop.

The reason there is pressure on the system is that the Medicare freeze ripped about $1 billion out of general practice that hasn’t been replaced. By 2023, the figure will jump to $2.45 billion, and changes must be done in order to alter the system. And these changes should be met by the government instead of the private sectors.

Medicare is fundamental to Australia’s healthcare sector and should not be avoided that risks disrupting universal patient access.