Queensland: The Digital 1st strategy NSW Government Bulletin – summer edition


The Queensland Government is making its way into the digital way with its digital-first strategy implemented in 2017-2021 project. It is believed that millions of dollars will be saved with this strategy with projects like digital hospitals, use of drone and in emergency services.

The government is talking into account projects like digital drivers license in the Fraser Coast region in a short time. But the use of digital technology comes with cons, where dada theft the biggest challenge. The main focus of this technology will be to keep the data private.

As there have been challenges in the digital hospitals’ project like Queensland Health’s integrated electronic medical record software where the blood tests reports were labelled wrongly. The main focus is to use technology without hampering the patient’s privacy.

The next question for the government is how the data is to be collected from the consumers and used. There is a huge drop in consumers’ trust by breaching the data. Remedial measures can be used in more ethical way to gain trust.