Provider Profile – Royal Flying Doctor Service

Royal Flying Doctor Service
Royal Flying Doctor Service


The Flying Doctor was made to find a solution for human health problems by providing the services. The purpose has kept the service always changing and using new improved technology to offer better service for those who live and have job role work and travel in country Australia.


With 23 bases and 77 planes, the Flying Doctor is Australia’s third-largest airline. They have Pilatus (single prop) and Beechcraft (dual prop) both are aircraft and also the Flying Doctor have purchased their three Pilatus PC-24 jets.

The Flying Doctor also offer road services which include vehicles and ambulances which include non-emergency care. They also have dental road trucks, and fleet of the Flying Doctor grows to fit need.


They have helped more than 3.5L patients in the last 12 months.

The average time to reaching anyone is two hours. It does not matter where they have gotten into trouble.

They have 24/7 telehealth service which enables patients to talk to a doctor and not just get medicines. They also inform the pharmaceuticals stores which are more than 3,500 medical chests which are strategically located across the country.


The Royal Flying Doctor Service are the first to under airplanes to provide their medical service. They back in 1920 used the pedal radio when there were no communication methods.

Today they have advanced technologies which they use for travel as well as medical equipment’s.

Secrets to success

They have a very professional and a dedicated staff who work closely with the communities to provide service.