PAX Technology prepares for AU rollout of Android payment terminals

PAX Technology
PAX Technology

PAX Technology gives payments terminals that run on Android, which means they can also house a variety of applications, such as a bill-splitting capability for restaurants. The Android-based portfolio – comprises Smarts, Smarter and Smart Kiosk.

“The payments landscape is evolving quickly both internationally and in Australia,” says PAX Technology’s global chief executive officer, Jack Lu.

Of the more than one million EFTPOS terminals in Australia, an estimated 95% have been put into the market by the issuing banks.

In the second half of 2019, PAX devices have been rolled out as QR code readers in high-end Australian stores popular with tourists, including firms like Gucci and Hermes.

“Approximately 70% of domestic EFTPOS terminals are not integrated to the electronic cash register (ECR) which means the merchant can’t identify their customer or link them to their basket. PAX has solved for this with its Android-based SmartECR,” continues Lu.

According to the company, it has shipped more than 300,000 terminals globally in the first half of 2019.

The company employs more than 900 software engineers who are mainly in China, as well as outsourcing manufacturing to Japanese electronics manufacturing services (EMS) that also includes Japanese companies like Hitachi, Nissan and Omron as clients.