OPYL to use artificial intelligence to digitally transform Australia’s healthcare sector

artificial intelligence
artificial intelligence

Opyl ltd is focused on user-generated content licensing, data protection and social media management.

With the combination of new technologies and healthcare expertise, the company provides optimizing clinical study design and recruitment strategies to better understand the patient experience.

Share Root Limited, a new company launched by Opyl is focused upon patient health with connecting of new technologies in artificial intelligence and bringing expertise in the sector.

AI is used to better understand patient health experience.

Opyl is designed to use Artificial intelligence-assisted technologies to provide biopharma and health organizations with an opportunity to collect and analyses the significant volume of clinical health data and real-world data.

The health data created in clinical settings and by patients in the natural course of each day is exceptionally large with the vast proportion of it underutilized through medical researchers and developers.

Accessing public and consented de-identified health and wellness data created by patients willingly shared to social media and analyzing it using AI is Opyl’s point of difference.