New Toyota Electric Vehicle

With the energy problem surfing our earth and the need for a new source of energy especially for cars, Electric vehicles has been introduced in the market. These are vehicles that work through the use of electricity and is charged using renewable energy methods. Electric vehicles are only lately being introduced to the automotive market with many companies in competition of who will provide the best car.

Toyota Motor Corp. which is one of the most elegant and well-known Japanese car companies have decided to take a step ahead in the electric vehicles market. According to recent news, the company is about to launch their electric vehicle products into the United States market. The company has announced that they will be partnering with Subaru in order to create a joint venture of electric vehicles.

This was commented on by Shigeki Terashi who is the Executive Vice President of Toyota’s and also the Research and Development chief in full details. He commented saying, ““Progress has surpassed the target. We have entered a new age. Wanting to make an effort is not enough. You really should be able to deliver. If possible, by the time we have the Olympic games next year, we would like to make sure that a solid-state battery can be unveiled to the public.”

Toyota is expecting a high number of sales for their electric vehicle by the year 2025, where they are hoping to reach sales of 5.5 million units.