New Engine Released From Mazda

As one of the leading countries in the world in the automotive sector, many different companies exist which works on cars and different vehicles. These companies might be considered as the leading companies in the world in terms of the automotive sector. These would include Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan and others. However, these companies are always in direct competition to release the most developed technology with strong competitive advantages.

This was seen earlier with the new car released by Mazda. Mazda is a well-known car provider throughout the world which provides efficient and cost-effective cars. Lately, their newest release is the next-gen cars which have their new Skyactiv-X engine. This engine has been released in the United States and is could actually change the view of the industry. The new engine is one of the most efficient engines in terms of fuel usage and working power. This makes the new engine subject to standing out compared to others. The Skyactiv-X engine has been released directly in the United States for it being needed and will be considered as a powertrain option in Japan for small cars which are made to be efficient.

The name X used for the model is due to the fact that the engine is a hybrid between two models, the Skyactiv-G engine and the Skyactiv-D diesel; cooperating the advantages of both designs. This was commented on by Kota Beppu which is the chief engineer at Mazda Japan by saying, “It combines the advantages of both. It was developed as the top-end engine.”