New Direction For UAE Towards Tech Startups And AI

If you are part of the tech field or planning to start your own startup in United Arab Emirates then there couldn’t be a better time. Recent news has shown that different the country has changed its vision and focus on new fields. With prior interest in oil and energy fields, the new direction the government is planning to invest in is the tech start up field and the use of Artificial Intelligence in particular.

According to recent news left by the government, the main field that will replace oil and energy will be data. Hence, the introduction of tech apps and startups that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to process this data is the main focus of the country.

This was approved through an interview conducted with the head of Hub71, Mahmud Adi,  by CNBC. He commented on the next stage of the countries investment saying, “We’re looking global. We believe that Abu Dhabi can offer access to capital, access to ease of doing business, and we are extremely glad that yesterday we saw that the cabinet announced five-year visas. Hub71 will bring together three key factors essential for the success of Abu Dhabi’s tech ecosystem — capital providers, business enablers and strategic partners, all under one roof. The SoftBank Vision Fund and our portfolio companies are honored to participate as a founding partner of Abu Dhabi’s Hub71. All of this is part of the program to make sure that doing business is competitive in the country,”