Mobile Phone Detection Program Launched In Australia

road safety program
road safety program

New South Wales (NSW) one of the Australian State has launched the world’s first road safety program that will target illegal mobile phone use by drivers through the use of fixed and mobile trailer-mounted camera systems.

Transport for NSW’s Centre for Road Safety revealed that the trial of the new camera systems earlier this year caught over 100,000 drivers illegally using a phone. For the first three months of the new enforcement program, drivers caught by a mobile phone detection camera will receive a warning letter. Following this period, the penalty for offending drivers is five shortcoming points and a fine of A$344 (US$233), rising to A$457 (US$310) in a school zone, with 10 points added during double shortcoming periods.

New South Wales Police will continue to enforce illegal mobile phone use and issue infringements as part of regular operations during the warning phase of the camera program. At the same time, the New South Wales Government has legalized mobile phone payments from behind the wheel, with drivers now permitted to use their phone as a digital wallet as long as the vehicle is stationary and off road, in a car park, drive-through or driveway.

The New South Wales Government’s new safety program comes after a six-month trial on Sydney’s motorway network of the Heads-Up camera system developed by Australian technology company Acusensus