Majority of Australians Want Coal Projects Shut Down

Australia has gained the world stage by being extremely vocal about climate change. Irrespective of what the politics of the country and its ministerial voices articulate, the people have shown more Chutzpah in retaliating against its non-action. A recent report shows, how Australians favor renewable energy to other forms.

A survey conducted to list the most popular energy resource in Australia, brought solar power as the clear winner as a preferable choice. This study undertaken by The Australia Institute in their Climate of the Nation report is based on responses of 1,960 Australians aged 18 years and older from across the country. While the wait watches every step, the country is taking on climate change, the report is studying the citizens attitude on climate change and related issues.

Solar energy as a renewable source has been gaining favor with people around the world as more and more countries turn green. Not only is it a preference, among those who are rallying and applying the idea in the work and daily life but also those who have not entered the climate action arena. Solar energy emerged out to be a clear leader in regional and rural areas. In these areas it was 18% ahead of other energy resources.

Coal generated power took as much beating as its last year in poll.  With only 7% of the respondents, ranking coal as their top choice, shows coal not being the country’s as opposed to what the politics says. 64% ranked coal it in their bottom three. This also brought out sentiments against the latest Federal Government moves in approving new coal mine projects. 64% wanted the government to discourage new mining projects and 31% wanting existing projects to close down.

“Ahead of the UN Global Climate Summit in New York in September, the public want to see the Australian Government take a leadership role when it comes to global action on climate change,” said TAI Climate & Energy Director, Richie Merzian.