Lithium Australia’s VSPC to commercialise cathode technology in China

lithium-Ferro-phosphate cathode material
lithium-Ferro-phosphate cathode material

Australia plans to commercialise VSPC’s lithium-Ferro-phosphate cathode material in China by 2020. For the same, VSPC has inked a memorandum of understanding with a China-based high-tech entity Beijing Saideli Technology Incorporated Company to take VSPC’s cathode technology to market.

For the agreement, VSPC and Beijing Saideli will jointly execute the plan. The plan will include establishing a supply chain for VSPC customers in the country. The China-based company also has varied experience in terms of construction, commission, and operational chemical process plants including the production of lithium-ion battery cathode powders.

Lithium Australia reckons the market will be growing in the coming years. The company claims the lithium-Ferro-phosphate cathode is an “ideal” lithium-ion battery chemistry for energy storage applications due to the many advantages it offers over other chemistries. The battery is deep discharge, fast charging, long operating life, high power and is capable of operating in a wide temperature range with no thermal runaway.

The battery is best suited for macro and mild-hybrid powertrains, low speed ow speed electric vehicles, data centre UPS and 5G tower back up, e-buses, light rail, trucks, military and marine applications. The battery is expected to replace battery chemistries including lead-acid.