Lithium Australia’s proprietary technology gets green signal from government with $1.3m grant

Lithium Australia has raised the support from the government after revealing that it will receive $1.3 million to support research and development of its proprietary LieNA process.

Lithium Australia is awarded with $1.3 million grant by the government’s Co-operative Research Centre Projects which will be used by the company to advance its technology so that can recover lithium from fine spodumene form in streams of waste and tailings.

The current processing methods can result into 50% recovery rate of lithium. Lithium Australia is developing the technology which is able to burn digestion process followed by acid draining with a collaboration with Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO).

This process recovers lithium by intensive roasting without incurring an additional cost. But with the process of LieNA the lithium can be recovered up to 85% with a potential to recover lithium from the contaminated and fine material that currently obtains poor level of recoveries. The total project estimation is up to $3.6 million with a fund of $2.2 to designing and construction along with a pilot plant at ANSTO’s in New South Wales.