Lexus Hybrid SUVs built for Road Safety Set for Trail in Victoria

Road Safety Set for Trail

There has been a noticeably alarming increase in the number of road fatalities in Australia. This has placed the onus for safety on the ones behind the wheels. To a large extent, car manufacturers, government, in conjunction with modern technology could hold the key to minimizing car accident related casualties.

Having smart cars on the road may not be so distant a dream, after all. Japanese Luxury brand, Lexus is participating in a trail, that could propel road technology to a new level. Victoria, Australia is hosting a trail run pf two Lexus Hybrid SUVs equipped with cutting edge technology that allows cars to talk to each other.

This could be the much-needed push to innovate something that would impact every day life and solve seemingly simple but serious issues of accidents, traffic and related. The cars are fitted with sensors, multiple cameras, designed to keep the drivers alert of imminent dangers that could lead to accidents. The vehicle can communicate to the driver on an incoming threat by another vehicle, running a red light or changing lanes. It can also avoid impact by forewarning the driver on sudden halts of vehicles, further up, evading collisions and damage.

Faster 5G mobile networks will accelerate interaction between vehicles, allowing communication at a faster pace. Data transmission between these vehicles takes place owing to speedy networks.

In the world of, booming technology where the future of AI, is as great as it may be a menace, with “machine colonization”, this could be an example of a perfect marriage between man and machine according to Lexus Australia Chief Scott Thompson. This requires discernment and skills from human drivers as much as that from the machine.

The study is being conducted in partnership with Telstra, VicRoads and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC). These tests will counter multiple road problems, apart from accidents. It is a part of the ongoing green technology solution.