Launch of world’s first heart attack alerting technology in Australia

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The distribution of AngelMed Guardian System has exclusively been secured by Hydrix Limited in Australia and a few significant Asia Pacific countries namely Japan and Singapore.

The AngelMed Guardian sets out to be first of FDA approved, fixed cardiovascular supervising gadgets that alarms patient of forthcoming

Guardian is the world’s first FDA-endorsed, embedded cardiovascular observing gadget that can alarm patients of an approaching Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) case, which consists of risky angina and heart failures.

The ACS indications are recognized with more assurance by the Guardian than the patient himself and alarms them. This proves beneficial to the patient to promptly acquire medical assistance.

The Guardian is to be used by people who recently endured ACS condition and are at high hazard for recurring encounters. The guardian ceaselessly screens heart signals of the patient day in and day out and

The Guardian is proposed for use in patients who have recently endured an ACS occasion and who stay at high hazard for repetitive occasions. The embedded gadget ceaselessly screens a patient’s heart signal day in and day out and utilizes man-made brainpower (AI) to identify a looming heart failure

When a cardiac activity is detected by the Guardian, the patient is alarmed to seek medical help. the alarm is sent via the implanted device which vibrates inside the chest and a different remote device which similar to pager that transmits signals with flashing LEDs and audio.

The AngelMed’s clinical trial of US had around 900 patients had the gadget embedded with results demonstrating increase in quality life of the patient, lower rates of morbidity, decrease in cardiovascular damages and reduced tenure of hospital stay which ultimately results in healthcare costs of patients going down.

The launch of The AngelMed Guardian System in Australia is set to take place in the fiscal year of 2021, which is subjective to regulatory approvals.