Labor introduces bill to fix Australian encryption laws it voted for

In order to fix the encryption laws for which it voted in 2018, the Australian Labor Party on Monday has introduced a Private Senator’s Bill.

According to reports, the changes would underline judicial authorization which will make the laws compatible with the US CLOUD Act. It would further also comprise of changes in the previous bill introduced prior to the May 2019 election.

“Tech companies report that customers are less likely to seek out contracts with Australian companies because the encryption laws pose risks that they would be required by the Government to introduce systemic weaknesses into their products and systems,” commented Shadow Minister for Home Affairs Kristina Keneally.

Sources suggest, Labor was warned of the situation in 2018, before it voted for the laws. Senetas- the Australian security vendor also called to cancel the laws, stating that it would damage Australian trust and reputations.

“The Bill will damage Australian developers’ and manufacturers’ reputations in international markets, resulting in loss of trust and confidence in Australian cybersecurity R&D and products,” Senetas said at the time.

“Rather than protecting the interests of citizens, this Bill compromises their security and privacy as a consequence of weaker cybersecurity practices and easier access to new tools for cyber criminals.”