Just 2 per cent of Britain’s power now comes from coal. In Australia, it’s more like three quarters


Across Europe the end era to the usage of coal and other fossil fuels are gradually reducing by renewable energy sources taking over, thus making a historic shift. Newly released National Grid Data revealed that usage of fossil fuels amounts to hardly 2.1 % while in comparison with Australia marks to 74% of the total.

In 1990, coal alone amounted to 75% which is reduced to 30% according to figures in 2009. Very few coal-fired power stations are operational which are planned to be phased out by 2025 by the plan of former Tory PM Theresa May.

Statistics amounts to 38.4% of gas, biomass and waste to 8.2% last year in the UK with the import of 8% of energy from green sources via undersea cables from continental Europe. Even if nuclear was removed from the UK’s total renewable figure, wind, solar and hydro would still be more widely used in Britain than Australia.

Now that carbon pricing is finally working, the economics have shifted from coal to clean generation which can lead to a complete coal phase-out. UK’s Conservative government decided to make the country carbon neutral by 2050 and focus on being conservative about climate denialism.