Inmates at a Sydney Prison Acquire Hardware Skills

Prisoner welfare is now seeing a transformational approach in Australia. A news article recently shared how inmates at a Sydney prison are getting an opportunity to learn skills that may prove lucrative in real time.

A PC company has extended training support to inmates at the Dawn De Loas Correctional Centre in Silverwater, in acquiring technical expertise to repair, reassemble and refurbish computers, revealed the commercial arm of Corrective Services NSW, Corrective Services Industries (CSI). These machines are then used in prisons to gain access to educational and rehabilitation programs and services. The special facility has been working with the PC company for some time, with an intended long-term association. The company provides work release and post release employment to the inmates.

The technical nature of the work, where the inmates deal in hardware repair and installation of software, also allows them to learn about cable assembling. They work on computers that either come as donations or are provided from the NSW government department. The inmates “technical unit” has worked on more than 5000 computers so far converting more than 1500 to working condition.  20 inmates work on dissembling units, repairing and readjusting computer parts to create functional desktop computers, without incurring extra cost or equipment. These are then installed with software by them to be distributed in prison for use.

Inmates acquiring skills through coaching and training have proven to be beneficial to their lives, these life skills enhancing programs increase their chance of employment and sustainability.