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OSCE has identified “clear forms” of violations of international humanitarian law in Ukraine

Experts from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) have identified “clear patterns” of violations of international humanitarian law by Russian forces in Ukraine and, according to the report, described a number of incidents that could lead to war crimes.

The report states that “credible evidence” has been found that suggests violations of the most basic human rights (rights, prohibition of torture and other inhumane and degrading treatment and punishment), especially in areas under Russia’s competent control or under Russia’s public control.

“Overall, the report documents a list of inhumane acts committed by Russian forces in Ukraine,” US Ambassador Michael Carpenter told the OSCE on Wednesday. “The report is blatant in documenting the enormous intent of the Russian government’s atrocities.”

The 110-page report describes allegations of targeted killings, torture and enforced disappearances, and the intelligence agency received numerous reports condemning the use of the Russian Red Cross symbol, sometimes with photographic evidence, on non-medical military vehicles, such as Ukrainian flags, military or police uniforms or vehicles. Flags, civilian clothing and OSCE emblems facilitate their military operations.

This includes reports of a Ukrainian translator being “captured for nine days” by Russian forces. Left in the freezing cellar, he was repeatedly beaten with iron rods and pieces of rifle, tortured with electricity, and without food for 48 hours, subjected to a mock execution.

For many incidents, the report says they were war crimes, but did not fully report them. However, he did qualify for the attack Mariupol Maternity Hospital “(Blatant violation of (international humanitarian law) and war crimes by those responsible”.

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“This is rarely the case when 50 hospitals are destroyed, even if one hospital is used or accidentally destroyed by the security forces for military purposes,” the report said.

The report is the result of a three-week fact-finding mission by three OSCE experts covering the period from the start of the war on February 24 to April 1. The report notes that experts have encountered a number of obstacles — time and resource constraints, and lack of access to Ukraine — thus making it impossible to fully assess most allegations of IHL violations.

The report does not cover the period in which events such as the Pucha atrocities came to light.

He acknowledged that “there were violations on both the Ukrainian and Russian side”, but said the violations by Russia were “of a very large nature and scale.” He added that most of the violations reported by Ukraine were related to the treatment of Russian soldiers.

The report also states that Russia did not participate in the fact-finding mission.

After the 45 countries implemented the rarely used Moscow mechanism, the task of finding the truth that led to the report began. This is a serious step, and according to OSCE, it has only been implemented nine other times since its creation in 1991.

It was last used in 2020 to investigate human rights violations in Belarus.

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