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Officials say the NATO alliance is ‘absolutely in danger’ of war

Putin’s war in Ukraine has “absolutely endangered” the NATO alliance and its member states, an official of the Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) told reporters on Wednesday.

The official called Putin “irresponsible” and said he and his inner circle “did not care about human life.”

“From Russia, we feel that Putin and his close circle are completely irresponsible. They do not care about human life. They lie openly to cover up their military actions. Putin has completely changed his rhetoric towards the West and he has a deep hatred for our communities, our values, so We consider it dangerous and the coalition is completely in danger, “the official said Wednesday.

Shape is the headquarters of the NATO alliance’s military operations in Europe. It is located in Brussels, Belgium. The two SHAPE officials explained to reporters the NATO military posture and how they would respond to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The conference comes ahead of President Joe Biden’s visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels ahead of a meeting with NATO leaders as the Ukraine crisis continues.

Another SHAPE official said the war had created a “new reality” for NATO allies, echoing Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg’s press conference on Wednesday.

“You just heard the Secretary-General’s press conference and he said it was a new reality and we need to restructure our security and prevention posture,” said a second SHAPE official. “This is a permanent and profound change in the European security environment, and SecGen has said the same.”

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Officials said it was too early to predict how NATO would permanently change the position of its military across Europe due to Putin’s actions, but NATO allies discussed how the posture had changed so far to strengthen the eastern side of the border with Ukraine. Make sure that they are ready for any situation that may arise for the NATO countries in the war in Ukraine.

With the activation of the NATO Response Force for the first time in NATO history, the “40,000 troops” in NATO allies in the East are now working not only for their own countries but also for the “joint security and defense alliance” of all NATO countries. . There are eight war teams, one in each country in the east, which is part of the operation of this NATO response force, the second SHAPE official said.

This is ten times more than it was before the invasion of Ukraine, the official added.

“At ground level, on the ground, there are now 40,000 troops in those eight war groups, one in every country in the East, which is ten times larger than it was before the Russian invasion,” said a second SHAPE official.

In the air, “there are more than 100 additional planes,” the official said.

“We always do what we call air patrols,” the official said, but now, after the invasion began, eight planes are flying to give the coalition a “24/7 air presence on the east side”.

In the waters around NATO allies, “25 ships provide 360-degree barriers at all times,” the official said.

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“In addition, there are generally about 150 ships from NATO countries that travel by sea and can come and go under NATO command and control,” the official added.

Although it is too early to say what permanent changes will be made to NATO’s military position due to Putin’s invasion, the official said the current force position was “at least” a good “starting point”. Long.

“We are preparing for the worst, but we are doing everything we can to prevent the worst from happening,” the first official said.

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