Hyundai’s Luxury Brand “Genesis” Chooses Australia for a Grand Launch and Opening

Hyundai’s Luxury

Hyundai enters the luxury cars market with the launch of Genesis in Australia. The brand that was time immemorial, associated with everyman cars has created a piece of extravagance to up its game with its luxury arm, genesis that has opened its first studio at Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall.

Its range includes the flagship G90 luxury sedan, the G80 midsize luxury sedan and the G70 luxury sport sedan. Moving away from its former image as an affordable brand, it is now transformed into a new Aston Martin avatar adding wings to the logo.

It is being touted as Korea first “true luxury automotive brand”. It has already garnered appreciation from industry experts and the brand’s G70 which was launched at the 2018 New York International Auto Show in 2018, was even named Car of the Year at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Founded in 2015 in Seoul, it was slated to have an official launch in Australia in 2018. The brand is here in 2019.

With Australia, Genesis enters the right-hand drive market. The vehicles come in a choice of nine exterior colors and feature “intelligent” seating that claims to support your back, heated and ventilated seats, a sound reducing glass windscreen and the option of a panorama glass sunroof. Additional features include a special Genesis service, the “Genesis to You” program, a valet door service, five year

“We come and collect the vehicle when it’s due for a service, drop off a genesis loan vehicle and then we’ll deliver it wherever you like once it’s finished,” he told Business Insider Australia.

The G70 will set you back $59,300, while the G80 range begins at $68,900.

Australia’s competitive automotive market air presents a great opportunity and poses an equally strenuous challenge for the new luxury brand. Genesis is also planning to open more studios in Melbourne and Brisbane.