Hockey Australia to overcome player registration challenges by launching New Three-Year Technology Partnership

Hockey Australia

Hockey Australia has signed a new three-year technology partnership with revolutioniseSPORT in an effort to increase the competence of game operations for the codes Member Associations. The new agreement will see revolutioniseSPORT provide hockey’s membership database and competition management systems, event registrations, websites, and a range of member analysis, business intelligence and engagement tools through its revolutionise360 platform.

The partnership will see Hockey Australia and all eight Member Associations operating on the same platform for the first time since 2016, when Hockey NSW moved onto the revolutioniseSPORT platform. All levels of Hockey will have entree to the revolutioniseSPORT platform, providing administrators at club, association, and state level with a proven system to run their clubs and competitions. According to Michael Johnston, Hockey Australia General Manager of Strategy & Game Development, the positive user practice in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, who have both been using revolutioniseSPORT, was an important factor in entering into the partnership.

He said “Our priority is providing our Member Associations, and the hundreds of volunteer administrators through the sport, with the tools they need to make their life easier. The feedback we have had from Hockey NSW and Hockey ACT on revolutioniseSPORT has been extremely positive, and we are excited to see the rest of the country now have access to the platform. We appreciate there have been some enormous challenges through 2019 with player registrations and competition management.”

Migration onto the revolutioniseSPORT platform will begin from October 2019, beginning with a national roadshow of user training on the membership registration system. Club and association administrators will have entree to face to face training from revolutioniseSPORT as well as their Member Association, organized with webinars and help resources. Competition management system training will happen in early 2020, well in advance of the start of competitions.