Health and the impact of climate change in Australia

Health and the impact of climate change
Health and the impact of climate change

Australia’s healthcare system is not ready to tackle the current climatic condition which is very hot and dry due to the recent bushfires. Before this summer, the disastrous climatic conditions which is a current threat in Australia were predicted which can hamper the health conditions. But due to recent bushfires, the impact is noticed.

Bushfires which claimed human and forest life most of New South Wales and Victoria with its magnitude more than billion animals. The smoke has intensified in the areas of impacting health. Health impacts such as sore eyes and coughing is believed to be normal, however worst impacts are predicted. Vulnerable populations are at risk of serious effects particularly the old people with pre-existing lung and heart disease.

Pregnant women are advised to avoid exposure and stay more indoors and also to that of children who are likely to be affected. Australia clearly is underprepared for the climatic changes. The National Health and Medical Research Council has not funded research on climate change and health in the past few years. End of 2019, only $10 million was allocated to the climatic change research leaving researches a little room for the same.

Even though 2019-20, the conditions were predicted but the healthcare system did not seem to alter. Multiple organizations, such as the Australian Medical Association, Royal Australian College of Physicians, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and the Australian College of Emergency Medicine called for climate emergency to be declared.