Govt. to Impose Penalties Up to $400,000 on Activists Trespassing on Farms

Overzealous environment activists and self-proclaimed vigilantes have become a menace to farming properties in recent times, coming close to threatening their biosecurity, according to an article. This unlawful and forced behavior has come under fire and will soon be met with very grave penalties for perpetrators in Australia.

The Australian Federal government finally understanding the direness of the act and damage it can fraught to animals housed there has announced that activists will be fined along with some serious prison time in New South Wales.

On the spot fines up to $400,000 will be imposed on trespassers, bringing a huge shift in the Biodiversity Act. The rule will come in effect from August 1, this year. Fines will begin at $1000. The government has asked farm owners to strengthen their security.

There have been increasing reports of this nature of strife between activists and farm owners and abattoirs, which prompted this new penalty. “Today the Government is putting these vigilantes and thugs on notice. We’ve seen a disturbing increase in vigilante behavior where individuals and groups have taken upon themselves to trespass onto farmers’ land and threaten the biosecurity on the property “, NSW Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it was expected the Federal Government would be able to pass its own farm trespass laws in the next two weeks.

Farmers welcome the announcement as the victims of this threat. But there are others who believe that this move will prove to be more hazardous in the long run. “Once again, the issue of biosecurity is being used as an excuse to attempt to limit consumer awareness of the systemic cruelty occurring in farms and slaughterhouses across the country,” said Aussie Farms executive director Chris Delforce, a group that shared details of many Australian farms.