Government must develop plan to support manufacturing jobs

manufacturing jobs
manufacturing jobs

Australia has planned and can be a leader in advanced manufacturing. But it lacks the planning. This can affect them and they might lose the opportunity.

Industry advocates told The New Daily a lack of government vision is preventing Australia from transitioning away from fossil fuels and harming its long-term growth prospects.

This short-term thinking should change as it is affecting the new industries of capitals and leadership they need to develop into prospering sources of employment.

As there is a new wave of innovation it still strives some hope.

They need short-term, short-cycle initiatives. Make them longer than three years and see what happens.

Sources allege, there is $150 million Industrial Modernization Account to support SME producers to become more aggressive and create new jobs by co-funding wealth investments that help businesses scale-up, invest in new technologies and develop new high-value products.

This is in addition to the $100 million Advanced Manufacturing Fund, which is helping industries with fund advanced industrial techniques, allowing the business to build long-term sustainable growth.