Gas Ventures Promise Multiplication of Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

The bulk of Australia’ s energy policy and Eastern Australia’s gas supply is being sourced from Queensland. The state is also encouragingly mobilizing gas ventures to boost the nation’s economy.

The state has been planning the future route for the industry in advance, setting aside land for gas producers for a smooth supply to manufacturers. The APLNG-Armour Energy joint gas venture has signed new gas supply deals with Orica for the company’s Yarwun explosives plant; and with packaging manufacturer Orora.

This comes with a promise of extensive job availability in the manufacturing industry which will soon be there for the taking for the local populace. Starting, 2015 the Queensland Government has released more than 39,000km2 of land for gas exploration, over a fifth of it guaranteeing the gas will be for Australian buyers. The decision also supports an expected increase in employment opportunities in the sector. The latest two gas deals follow the recent three-year gas deal the APLNG-Armour joint venture kept with industrial manufacturer Incitec Pivot, providing more than 350 jobs in its chemical plant alone, located in Brisbane. On the other hand, Orora’s packaging factory at Rocklea, its primary Queensland manufacturing facility, employs more than 360 Australians. Orica has more than 200 permanent employees and contractors at Yarwun. Queensland is also the largest supplier of gas in the east coast domestic market, with a share of 25%.

APLNG CEO, Warwick King, excited at the prospect of gas supply, in this thriving market said, “APLNG is proud to be supporting manufacturing jobs in Australia through the supply of gas to Australian manufacturers, with the earliest of a number of multi-year contracts beginning in 2020. We will be able to develop this block efficiently given its proximity to existing infrastructure.”