Former Australian coal executive calls for clean energy amid ‘existential threat’ of climate change

clean energy
clean energy

Climate change is observed in Australia on a large scale. Global warming is affecting daily life and climate change is an ultimate consequence for the same. Australia is suffering from the bush fire as of now and experiencing the worst days including the panic situation in humans and animals across the nation.

People of Australia have been discussing and debating upon the role of coal in this present disaster. Increase of fossil fuel in Australia is a polarizing topic in the country with no better answer. Black coal resources play an important and vocal role in the economy of Australia as their huge exports bring money for the nation.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has deemphasized the bridge between the spreading and raging bush fire and climate change. Experts also co-relate the reasons in which climate change comes as a result of global warming and these factors are held responsible for the same.

There is no doubt that the coal industry is a valid reason for day by day increasing climate change in terms of heat. However, government officials are thinking of taking the remedial course of action to tackle the situation.