Following the order to withdraw from the kyiv region, Ukrainian troops begin to retake territory occupied by Russia.

Kiev, UkraineTroops Ukrainian Began to recapture the territory occupied by the forces with great caution Russian North of the capital of Q. Russian troops also use cables to haul dead civilians for fear of setting up landmines or anti-personnel mines and obstructing work.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky Yesterday, Friday, he warned citizens to act with extreme caution because Russian militants have created a “catastrophic” situation by mining the surroundings of homes, abandoned equipment and “even the bodies of those they killed”. Zhelensky’s allegations were not independently substantiated.

Members Associated Press Located in Pucha, a northwestern suburb of Q, He saw the use of cables to haul the bodies of dead civilians on the streets, backed by Ukrainian soldiers, battle tanks and other armored vehicles..

Citizens pointed out Associated Press The dead were civilians, and Russian troops were ordered to withdraw against them and opened fire without any provocation.

“Those people were walking around and they were shot for no reason. The situation around Stogolka was even worse. They simply opened fire without saying a word,” a Puja citizen who refused to give his name for security reasons highlighted.

Meanwhile, Ukraine and its allies have raised evidence of Russian troops withdrawing from areas around Kyiv to strengthen their divisions in the east of the country.

Despite the withdrawal of Russian troops, Ukraine received no respite from the attacks and bombings that began five weeks ago and expelled more than 4 million people. Zhelensky argued that many cities could experience missile and artillery fire, and that the struggle for control of eastern Ukraine could intensify.

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“Even in the territories we are recapturing, it is still not possible to return to normal life,” Zhelensky added.

Meanwhile, the siege of the coastal city of Mariupol by Russian forces seems to be a major target of Russian President Vladimir Putin. If it finally comes under Russian control, Mariupol will be annexed in 2014 by Crimea, a territory that annexed Russia.

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