Electric vehicle sales triple in Australia as sales of combustion engine cars fall 8%

The sale of electric vehicles in Australia rose three times more last year, the numbers were however less in comparison to those in the developed countries, owning to reports released by the Electric Vehicle Council.

The industry data further elaborates 6,718 full electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles were sold in 2019, the number went up from 2,216 from the previous year. In addition, sales of combustion engine cars dropped 7.8% over that period.

The data released by the Council further highlights the rise in sales in Australia from a low base. It further suggested that consumers wished for technology, despite it being yet to receive the support offered elsewhere.

In the wake of the situation the council’s chief executive, Beyhad Jafari commented, “The good news is that the number of Australians buying EVs is surging despite a lack of government incentives or support. The bad news is that even with this strong growth, EVs still only represent 0.6% of sales. That compares poorly with 3.8% of sales in Europe and 4.7% of sales in China.”

Jafari further explained that if Australia adhered to similar incentives as China and Europe, there would be 50,000 new EVs on Australian roads. “Given that Australian decision makers at all levels are eager to start taking stronger action on climate change, transitioning away from combustion engine vehicles would be an excellent place to start,” he added.

A spokeswoman from the transport and infrastructure department explained that Australia’s electric car uptake in August was slow in comparison with other countries. The source further noted there would be a rapid change in new car sales when the technology became price competitive.

She further also added it would take some time for that to be reflected on Australian roads. “EVs are not expected to be a significant part of the passenger vehicle fleet until well into the 2030s.”