Earth’s Oldest Asteroid Impact ‘May Have Ended Ice Age’

oldest asteroid
oldest asteroid

According to scientists, the world’s oldest asteroid dip has been finally discovered in Western Australia. It is believed that it could have ended an Ice Age.

Scientists and a team from Curtin University claim the attack happened 2.2 billion years ago in Yarrabubba, Western Australia and it is now the oldest known crater. Which is however around half as old as the Earth.

Specialists from Curtin University’s School of Earth and Planetary Sciences said that they analyzed the minerals – zircon and monazite at the bottom of the eroded hole that happened to be shock recrystallized because of the impact, in order to calculate when it exactly happened, in a comparable way the rings of the tree could provide clues about the past.

They also believe that the attack released huge volumes of water vapor into the atmosphere around, which could have raised the planet out of a deep freeze which caused the end of the ice age. Professor Chris Kirkland from Curtin University said that Yarrabubba is situated between Sandstone and Meekatharra – which was known to be an effected area for many years, but it was not clear as to exactly how old was it.