Doctors’ fee transparency website goes live but fails to list who charges what


The government has finally launched a long-anticipated – and contested – specialist fee transparency website. It was a good effort and a promising one but the patient advocates and public health experts and the $7.2 million Medical Costs Finder have criticized for not naming the specialists nor listing their fees.

The website was broadcasted on Monday, where patients can search for the typical costs of 62 common hospital procedures and treatments for private patients in their area and between states and territories. The pricing can also be seen in the low, medium and high brackets by city or region.

But the main lack is that it cannot show is that what specialists charge and the much-touted feature that was billed as having the possibility to describe the trickle of doctors forcing patients hundreds or thousands in excessive fees.

The above was to be included in the next version to be released this year. Some also suggested that it could have included the average number of particular procedures performed by the relevant specialists.

It saves the patient from asking the specialist about his fees, it is very awkward for many. Hundreds of doctors were not willing to publish their fees.