Digital ID Launches In NSW But Don’t Throw Out Your License

Digital ID Launches
Digital ID Launches

Hard copies driver licenses are a past, with Service NSW all residents will display their ID on iPhone and Android gadgets.

The digital license will not be mandatory to use. The digital version is more secure than the physical one.

There are features like a time stamp and shimmering effects that prevent the license from being shared or duplicated. Even screenshot cannot be taken. The ID can be arranged only after you login app. Hence, you can also use it for age proof while entering at bars and clubs.

But the physical license should not be thrown away as if there is some problem with the device screen or the device battery is dead it will be treated as no document. Therefore, it is recommended that you should always carry your plastic license. Failure in the digital copy won’t get you out of trouble.

Extra care should also be taken when using the digital license during police roadside checks, as there are some hefty penalties for touching a phone when driving.

So, when being pulled over by police, it’s important not to touch the phone until the officer has requested a license be shown.

In some parts of the country this is already being used since 2017 and has been a success.