Digital Age: Leading to Paradise or Doom?

Much has been spoken about the impact of technology on our lives and the future. We discuss apps, discourse AI, and argue on the many sides to the advancing leaps of it in all fields. We talk of the youth as the perpetrator, the carriers of the pace, user, provider, the be all and end all. Now a new study honestly looks at the youth not just as the primary beneficiaries of the digital age but also as ones as confounded by it as the preceding generations.

This off guarding study was conducted over 5 years, has testimonials of young people, and their many opinions and reactions to finding themselves right in the middle of the Anthropocene, the age where our species has taken over the environments and the ecosystems.

This era rightly belongs to the youth. 50% of the world is under 30. Only vestiges of a bygone time remain visible in the vintage and the primitive. The millennials that decide the course of technology, find themselves awry in many ways today. The research studied several teenagers from Australia, New Zealand and Canada, to see how, their appendage mobile phones and other technologies affect them.

Trapped, confused, threatened and vulnerable could be the feelings associated with what was voiced by them. The research work, Youth in the Digital Age: Paradox, Promise, Predicament, edited by Kate C Tilleczek, Valerie M Campbell, examines the generation Z’s place amidst all the techno and digital jazz frenzy. The book plainly presents sincere portrayals of youth caught in the crossfire between ethics and raging technology. The study sampled experiences of youth living without their technology for a week. It found that there sprung underlying issues that go beyond just time consumption. There is an unsettling level of anxiety among them when separated from technology, losing connectivity and sporadic link to technology. Through a series of testimonials, the study shows how the primary users are threatened and sceptic about its future.