City Of Adelaide Commits To 100% Renewable Electricity

It would be the first time for the South Australian council that Adelaide in South Australia, will undertake operations, driven by 100% renewable electricity as part of the power purchase agreement signed with electricity retailer Flow Power, that would be effective from 1 July.

This long-term commitment to procure a solar-wind electricity blend will the help, South Australia’s energy transition and will bring the City a step closer to its goal of becoming first ever carbon-neutral cities in the world. The arrangement will watch everything that the Council operates like all corporate and community buildings, council event infrastructure, electric vehicle chargers, barbecues in the Park Lands, water pumps, street lighting, and traffic lights would be powered by renewable electricity.

The electricity will be distributed from the 57 MW Clements Gap wind farm in mid-north of South Australia and on the Eyre Peninsula and in the South East would be the new solar farms. The Streaky Bay and Coonalpyn Solar Farms, which Stream Power have been acquired from Tetris Energy, that will help generate local employment opportunities in both stages of construction and operations.

David Evans, Flow Power Co-Founder and Director of Engineering and Projects said that this deal would provide vital support to new solar projects in the state, generate jobs and would help to bring more renewables into the system.