Chinese Coronavirus Reported in France and Australia (Health Alert)


In France three coronavirus cases have been recorded. Amongst these cases, the first patient was a 48-year old man in hospital at Bordeaux city. The additional case was reported in Paris.

The third patient of coronavirus was related to these two, confirmed by the French health ministry. All three patients identified with coronavirus lately went to China and got infected. They are now under observation in separation so that the virus is not spread to other healthy individuals.

The first patient-reported travel to Wuhan on January 22 and came back to France later on. After reaching to France, he might have contacted a number of people so there are numerous people now at risk, ministry of health says.

Australia has recorded four cases of new Chinese coronavirus that has reportedly taken more than 40 breathes in China till now. One patient is currently under medical treatment in isolation. He reported his illness a week ago after coming to Malborne from Wuhan. He was caught by pneumonia but is now stable, the medical unit has reported.