CBA launches X15 Ventures in Australia to deliver digital solutions

The Commonwealth Bank has recently launched an Australian technology venture building entity. The latest venture is called X15 Ventures and is reportedly designed to deliver new digital solutions focusing to elevate the business of Australian consumers and businesses.

Furthermore the X15 will also support the Sydney-based financial service provider’s franchise strength, security standards and balance sheet to maintain digital businesses, these further help to create value for core businesses.

In the wake of the situation, Matt Comyn, Chief Executive Officer, CBA commented, “We remain focused on bringing together brilliant service with the best technology to deliver exceptional customer outcomes in the core of our business. X15 will enable us to innovate more quickly, and continue to offer the best digital experience for our customers.”

According to reports, the entity has named its ventures Home-In and Vonto. While the former is a virtual home buying concierge, thus making the otherwise complex processes of buying a home easy, the latter on the other hand is an app for small business owners, drawing data from Xero, Google Analytics, Shopify and other online business tools, and presents it in one location.

Quoting the latest launch, Toby Norton-Smith, Managing Director of X15 Ventures commented, “X15 allows us to open the door and partner more easily with entrepreneurs than ever before. Under its umbrella, we will create an environment for new businesses to flourish, we’ll empower Australia’s innovators and bring new solutions to market designed to empower customers as never before.”