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New ASIO Chief to Strengthen Australian Surveillance and Security Threat

The Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), are now under the leadership, of Australia’s ultimate electronic intelligence warrior. 1,900 agents of the ASIO will now be directed by the spohisticated and expert guidance of Mike Burgess. Part of an equally alert taskforce in ASD, the chief now will be monitering direct threats to Australian Security, not

Digital Age: Leading to Paradise or Doom?

Much has been spoken about the impact of technology on our lives and the future. We discuss apps, discourse AI, and argue on the many sides to the advancing leaps of it in all fields. We talk of the youth as the perpetrator, the carriers of the pace, user, provider, the be all and end

Australian Businesses Lose $7.8 billion to Cybercrimes

An earlier report in this space, discussed the unwatchfulness exhibited by Australian citizens in adhering to safety processes that would’ve helped skirt cyber-attacks during tax time. A new study now shows that Australian Businesses and organizations too are not taking necessary compliance measures to avoid cyber-attacks that has costed the country an astounding $7.8 billion.

IBM AI Helps Australia Solve the Depleting Coastline Problem

Australia’s outstretched coastlines are in danger from their own waters. The country has more than 10,000 beaches, that are becoming deplete. The huge waves of water rising from the sea are eating away its coastlines. Investments by Gold Coast Council for up to $14 million has already been made to restore the coastlines. Scientists and

Tesla’s Megapack May Replace Peakers

Modelled after the giant battery system it installed in South Australia, Tesla has now launched another grand energy storage product, Megapack, that could be an alternative to peaking power plants. Tesla’s not so dominant energy storage business, in relation to its massively spread Electric Vehicle one, has now added the Megapack to its product list.

VR Technology to Aid Sound Sleep and Relaxation

So far there has been abundant literature on how technology may be compliant to our unuttered wants and needs but its exposure can disrupt normal life. It has been associated with high alertness and upsetting rest and relaxation. But now researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne are presenting an alternative side to this apparent present-day

A Breakthrough in Quantum Computing by UNSW Research Team, Australia

Speed is what defines technology better than any of its other attributes. New discoveries and inventions are able to overcome obstacles of time, they come more closer to imagining a space that stands apart from time. A scientific breakthrough of a great magnitude landed on the technology fabric of the world. Researchers at the University

New App Facilitates Translation between Indigenous Language and English

A relatively lesser known clinic in Alice Springs, Australia is developing a sophisticated application to translate a variation of the indigenous language through a two-way communicator to help patients coming in for dialysis interact effectively. Pintupi Luritja, an Aboriginal language, may be familiar but is not understood by the nurses and doctors working at the