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In the wake of statements by the Australian swimmer Shayna Jack, the sports supplement industry has suddenly come into the limelight and for all the wrong reasons. Her failed drug test, and suggested remarks by her insinuate that the blunder was the result of contaminated sports supplements. The industry therefore looks at how these protein

Lab Grown Meat- Emerging New Industry Worldwide

When we think lab grown, we instantly conjure up horrifying Frankensteinisque images of beings attached with wires and chords and some kind of torture equipment with dodgy numbers and many, many entrapments. That’s just a highly ludicrous imagery from movies and ghastly stories. Labs around the world are working incessantly to give us the best

Domino’s New Platter: Alternative Meat Pizzas

The nascent alternative meat market is estimated to reach $140 billion over the next decade, according to a recent report. At this pace, animal-free industry is projected to takeover about 10% of the $1.4 trillion global meat industry. The new player to capitalize on this emerging market and demand is Domino’s Pizza Enterprises. Soy protein-based

Australian Red Meat Industry to be Governed by A Central Body

A White Paper, Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), released in July 2019, proposes change for the Red Meat industry’s existing framework in Australia. The proposal seeks centralize its broad industries into a single large body and references the RMAC 2030 Meat Industry Strategic Plan. The red meat industry in the country

Food Trends Catching On with Social Media Influencers Endorsing it

We can have discourse, articles, papers and countless statistics on all the listed evils of social media, but we cannot rule out the one point of contentment it has introduced, “relatability”. What social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram have done is deconstructed the “celebrity”. Our role models don’t belong to the mythical world

Your Chocolate is about to get smaller and less “sugary”

How big is Australia’s sweet tooth? Mondelez International’s factories, in a Melbourne suburb produces 35,000 tons of chocolate a year, mainly bars and eggs. And little to nothing has been done so far to check the country’s overall consumption of sugar and saturated fat. The high-risk ingredients could increase health menace in the coming future.

When Meat Packs a Punch for Some and Pinches Others

Meat and livestock sales have created ambivalence in the South Australian Lamb and Sheep Industry. According to reports, the rising price of livestock is bringing cheer to the farmers but doom to processors and butchers across the region. These mixed reactions come in the light of the recent price boost for farmers selling their livestock