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Australia’s CO2 Emissions Third Largest in the World

Australia is contributing one of the largest carbon dioxide emissions that could aggravate the world’s climate change issues. It is only behind Russia and Saudi Arabia, in its carbon footprint and what more, it has a scattering potential to add more if numbers released by public policy think tank the Australia Institute are to be

Australia Need Not Look Elsewhere for Dates Farming

“Because of our isolation and dry atmosphere, we can produce a lot of crops without disease,” said Stuart Smith from the Arid Zone Research Institute (AZRI). Dates is one of them. Date farming in Australia yielded a lifted 300 % from last year’s harvest and their main market was the middle east. There can be

Waste Treated for Growth: Sustaining Homes and Environment

The Burnie Waste Management Center in Australia has shown the way, to many, who aspire to affect their environment and challenge the impossible to achieve transformational results. Sustainable development banks on extracting potential from exiting reserves. We, therefore see a flow of projects coming up to aid balance and reverse depletion. B- Cell at Copping

Rare Earths Production Beneficial for Australia’s Disadvantaged Region

Rare earths production could make Northern Mineral’s Browns Range project go big scale and also open avenues for the locals in surrounding disadvantaged regions economic boost. Rare earths are minerals that find extensive use in electric motors around the world, everything from electric cars to toys. And this has suddenly found a big market worldwide.

Govt. to Impose Penalties Up to $400,000 on Activists Trespassing on Farms

Overzealous environment activists and self-proclaimed vigilantes have become a menace to farming properties in recent times, coming close to threatening their biosecurity, according to an article. This unlawful and forced behavior has come under fire and will soon be met with very grave penalties for perpetrators in Australia. The Australian Federal government finally understanding the

“Climate Emergency” Declared on Noosa Shire, Australia

More than 700 Governments across the world have already put practices in place after declaring “climate emergency” on their cities and towns, these include Paris and New York and recently added to the list was the Noosa Shire of south- east Queensland, Australia. Many Australian cities have already been brought under the “climate emergency” radar.

Seagulls Carrying Drug Resistant Infection

Nature can get as regressive as it can progress. It has its own way of holding back, going back and wreaking havoc. As we continue to reel from our self-inflicted damage to the environment, awakening the planet to a gory future, we also battle little bits of threats imposed every day, may/ may not be

“Offsetting” Natural Balance- Windfarms in Tasmania Killing Endangered Eagles

Can conserving the environment lead to offsetting existing balance? Apparently, it can. Windfarms in Australia have become responsible for eagles dropping dead. What is more alarming, is it is considered a war casualty, by compensating through offsets. Wildlife biologist Nick Mooney, brought to light, the deaths of endangered species, wedge-tail eagles, meeting their fate in

Adelaide River Infested with Betta’s New Avatar

The Siamese Fighting Fish or the Betta will confound you to no end. Their ornamental fins, in different colors and shapes could be straight out of myths and enchanted forest tales. And just like in these tales we are forewarned about the deceivingly beautiful appearances of some creature, be warned about betta. The Adelaide River