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Gas Prices in the South Not Likely to Fall Says New ACCC Report

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), sharing findings of its reports said that gas prices in the south will remain high in spite excess production and lowered demand from gas powered generators. There also is not expected short fall in gas in the future. The ACCC, in its seventh report on the east coast

Insurance Companies Backing off from Coal Projects

Burning of fossil fuels contributes to climate change. The extent of the contribution is still under heavy debate and the onus of the responsibility has been a baton willingly passed on from industries to governments. The persistent problem in the world has pushed out a reaction from Insurance companies, that now have become vary of

New Incentive to Encourage Renewable Energy Installation at Homes

The South Australia Home Battery Scheme was recently launched into action in the State of Victoria, giving homes a solar battery system with the attraction of reimbursements of up to AU$4,838 for their installation. The solar home packages are being offered to optimize on energy usage and encourage consumption of renewable alternatives in Australia. As

The Federal Government Introduces DMO to Regulate Electricity Prices

The Australian Federal Government is regularizing electricity prices and dissolving competition between providers. The introduction of Default Market Offer (DMO) by the government went on the floors on July 1, 2019. This has had a mixed reception by providers. The DMO, gives a price comparison between different services rather than fix on a ceiling cost.

New Energy Storage and Transmissions Needed for the Rapidly Growing Renewables

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has predicted that the Australian Energy Market will need an increased storage capacity. It will also need to push for advancement in energy transference as the number of renewable energy projects presently underway, will pump in copious amounts of energy in the next 20 years. This will also a structural redesigning

Monash Smart Energy City to Show the Way to the Future

Monash University, Australia, leads by example through its Monash Smart Energy City project that successfully overcomes transitional, networking issues which could be a thorn in the path of the growing renewable energy powerhouse that the country has become. Australia, having successfully employed all its individual states to meet renewable energy targets and give inroads to

Renewable Energy on the Rise- Australian States Galloping to their Target

Energy conservation and renewable energy projects are on their way to employing about 22,000 workers, while new projects required to meet the states’ long-term targets would create another 32,000 construction jobs in Australia. Australia has a ten-year leash period to achieve its renewable energy target designated to each state. The federal government has taken a

Demand Response Strategy Adopted by Australians to Conserve Energy

A couple in Melbourne, endeavors to cut down the cost and usage of their electricity by following few simple steps. They avoid using during peak hours, postponing their tasks, employ alternate methods to get the same effect. As a result, their city is optimally powered and energy conservation is a natural outcome. Them and million

Untapped Energy- Ammonia Sees the Light of the Day

Imagine a tiny device that can carries within it the power of the sun and air, encapsulated in a liquid form, as the core apparatus of energy that powers all your modern contrivances. Australia has a renewable energy potential of 25,000 gigawatts. The country is splashed with solar panels, windmills and studies that are constantly