Can Russia be expelled from its permanent UN Security Council in connection with the Ukraine invasion? Univision World News

93 members of the General Assembly voted to remove Russia from the 47-nation body based in Geneva, Switzerland.

As the war in Ukraine continues, Moscow is becoming a massive countryWith economic ties with the United States and Europe severed, the economy is threatened (or at least complicated) by sanctions.

Following the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, President Joe Biden proposed removing Russia from the G20, the world’s 20 largest economies, as it had already been removed from the G7, one of the planet’s most industrialized nations, in 2014.

This week, then Massacre of civilians in Pucha As evidence of the withdrawal of Russian troops from the city near kyiv, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered a video address to the Security Council in which he called for the removal of Russia from the UN administration.

Can Russia be removed from the Security Council?

As created, the fifteen-member UN. The Security Council grants veto powers to five of its permanent members. Russia is one of them.

Five permanent members: the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China and Russia. These countries have the power to veto or reject any firm resolution.

There are also 10 non-permanent members: Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana, India, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, Norway and the United Arab Emirates.

In his speech, Zhelensky demanded that Russia be held accountable for its actions and that the Security Council take decisions to achieve peace in Ukraine.

“If there is no alternative and option, the next option will be completely dissolved.”

Sensitive Images: Bodies and hands tied in mass graves after the withdrawal of Russian troops from Pucha, Ukraine

Can a permanent member of the Security Council be removed?

The UN Charter does not provide for the removal of a permanent member of the Security Council.

A country can be removed from the United Nations General Assembly by referendum on the recommendation of the Security Council.

Article 6 of the Charter states that “a member of the United Nations who continues to violate the principles contained in this Charter may be expelled by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Security Council.”

In contrast, it is unclear whether the council can recommend the expulsion of one of its five permanent members, who have veto power.

However, since Russia is a permanent member, the Council cannot recommend the removal of Russia without its consent.

The Russian delegation must approve its own dismissal.

Why the Security Council?

At the end of World War II, the representatives of about 50 countries formed the United Nations in the hope of preventing another world war.

Based on their importance during the conflict, these five states were granted permanent membership in the forum, which is responsible for ensuring international peace and security.

The Security Council is considered the governing body of the United Nations because it is the sole governing body.

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