Biden calls Pucha’s atrocities a ‘war crime’

(CNN Español) – US President Joe Biden has described the atrocities committed by Russia and President Vladimir Putin in Pucha (Ukraine) as a “war crime”, but said it was not a genocide. Russia is likely to impose further sanctions.

“You may recall that I criticized Putin as a war criminal. Well, the truth is that they saw what happened in Buka. This justifies him: he is a war criminal. But we must gather information. We must do this. “So this could be a real war crime. This guy is horrible. What’s happening in Pucha is outrageous. The whole world saw this.

Bodies of civilians were found on the street in Ukraine 1:56

Asked if the crimes committed in Pucha justify the situation as genocide, Biden told reporters: “No. I think this is a war crime.”

Biden also said he was “looking for more obstacles” and would announce them soon.

US President Joe Biden spoke to reporters after arriving at Fort McNair in Washington DC on April 4. (Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images)

Pucha’s crimes

Corpses At least 20 civilians They were found online on a street in Pucha, near the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Some lay face down on the sidewalk, others fell on their backs and opened their mouths as tragic witnesses to the atrocities of the Russian occupation.

A man’s hands are tied with a white cloth behind his back. Another man was lying alone, stuck on a bicycle on a grassy shore. A third person was left in the middle of the road, near the burnt remnants of a burning car.

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Bodies of civilians were found on the street in Ukraine 1:56

Shocking pictures of the massacre in Pucha were taken this Saturday by Agencies France-Press. On the same day Ukraine announced the liberation of the city from Russian troops. Now, after Russian forces failed in an attempt to encircle the capital, accounts of alleged atrocities are emerging as they leave the area around Kiev.

The city of Pucha has been under constant attack for five weeks. Now officials and human rights groups are blaming the death toll on Russian forces leaving the city.

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