Bellevue Tech Startup Limeade Raises Millions From IPO — In Australia

Bellevue software company
Bellevue software company

Limeade is a cthat debuted as a public company recently by raising 100 million Australian dollars in its Initial Public Offer. That’s worth $68.75 million in U.S. dollars.

Limeade sells software to companies seeking to boost well-being, engagement and inclusion among employees and has completed its initial public offering of stock on the Australian Securities Exchange. The time when the IPO became official last Thursday afternoon, Henry Albrecht, the CEO of Limeade toasted his colleagues at the company’s headquarters in Bellevue which is almost 8,000 miles from the exchange in Sydney.

Albrecht accepted in an interview that he wasn’t too familiar with the Australian Securities Exchange when the council reached out to him in the spring to offer an Initial Public Offer listing option. Australia is becoming one of the popular destinations for U.S. firms seeking IPOs.

A minimum of 46 U.S. firms, including several technology startups, have listed their IPOs on the Australian Securities Exchange, and more are looking forward to raise capital, according to consulting firm BDO, which did not advise Limeade in its IPO.